Author: zachjarou

2013 TEDMEDLive Michigan State University

As a long-time lover of TED, it was with great pleasure that I was able to help organize this fantastic event on campus. Michigan State University is home to some great thought leaders and I am hopeful that the TEDMEDLive event continues in the future to share these big ideas with the rest of the world.


“Prognostic biosensors for elderly and global health care”
Evangelyn C. Alocilja, PhD is a professor of Biosystems Engineering at Michigan State University. Her laboratory is focused on the development of biosensors for the rapid, inexpensive, simple, and early diagnosis of infectious disease. For more information, please visit:

“Global Health Crisis is the Result of a Collision between Biological & Cultural Evolution”
James E. Trosko, PhD is a professor of Pediatrics & Human Development at Michigan State University. Throughout his distinguished career, he has had the opportunity to travel the world investigating mammalian carcinogenesis and mutagenesis. His latest academic research has focused on the mechanistic explanation for the “Barker Hypothesis,” to explain why exposures of the embryo and fetus in utero can alter risks to human health later in life. For more information, please visit:

“The Healing Landscape: Therapeutic Outdoor Environments”
Joanne M. Westphal, PhD is a professor of Landscape Architecture at Michigan State University. She is also a practicing licensed physician. Her work is focused on therapeutic site design to promote human wellness. For more information, please visit: